Google Glass line-up unveiled, with groovy frames tailored to prescription lenses

Google Glass models

It might be one of the better news pertaining to Google Glass in the recent months; the internet giant has finally unveiled their line-up of both Google Glass spectacles and sunglasses. The exalted series will contain two variant shade designs and five different vivacious colors to choose from. With permutations and combinations, this assortment results in a whopping 40 different types of AR glasses. But more importantly, the showcasing of the product types may signify the actual commencement of Google Glasses’ availability in the coming months. As Isabelle Olsson, lead designer at Google X research lab, has made it clear – this alludes to the high level of customization people can expect from the actual contrivance in its commercial stage.

An interesting aspect of the grand unveiling was Google’s conscientious support for people who are already bespectacled. In the regard, the line-up also boasts of four variant frame designs that will be tailored for holding prescription lenses. These frames were developed with inputs relating to the contemporary styles adopted by people with spectacles, and will credibly support the tiny AR displays on their right side. In fact, the company reiterated that such a niche design direction will serve its clear commercial purpose to cater to a particular demographic of bespectacled consumers.

And, since we have been harping about the commercial potential, each frame will be available as a separate accessory with a price tag of $225. This means – they can be used with or without the Google Glass display, which might additionally set you back by over $1,500.

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