Stratasys Object500 Connex3: World’s first color 3D printer converts winning ideas into functional products

Stratasys Object500 Connex3 world’s first multi-material color 3D printer

Materializing your design ideas is even more difficult than generating the idea itself simply because of the manufacturing limitations that we have. 3D printing has filled this gap between conceptualizing ideas into reality to a great extent and now a new kind of 3D printer would bring a smile to the face of innovative designers. Stratasys Object500 Connex3 is the world’s first multi-material color 3D printer that extends the possibilities of materializing your ideas into real prototypes with satisfying results. The color 3D printer amplifies the product material choice as you can 3D print in PolyJet photopolymer, Digital ABS and a material of your choice like rubber. But what’s heartening is the printer’s ability to print colors as it has 10 different color palettes and your prototype can have up to 46 different colors including opaque colors and translucent ones too.

Stratasys Object500 Connex3 world’s first multi-material color 3D printer

Object500 Connex3 can print material as small as 16 microns and supports Windows 7 and Windows 8 (64-bit) connectivity. The possibilities are limitless with this 3D printer that can produce any kind or shape of product desired and also paves way for future manufacturing solutions that save time and money. And not to forget the end-user who will absolutely adore the products that they have, made using the 3D printing color technology that this printer makes possible.

Stratasys Object500 Connex3 world’s first multi-material color 3D printer

One cool example of how this 3D printer can make amazing objects is the ability to 3D print custom shoes with color choice like never before or even a bicycle frame design that has incorporated graphics design.

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