Star Wars inspired Lego Astromechs Droid robot is a nifty mover

Lego Astromechs Droid by Vimal Patel

Star Wars never seizes to capture our imagination and creative people always find a way to dig up their innovation tunnel and come up with cool DIY ideas. Vimal Patel has come up with his interpretation of a Star Wars inspired Lego robot that can perform a lot of tricks up its sleeve. Vimal calls it Motorised Astromechs Droid and it has a whole lot of Lego parts than we would have imagined, including mechanized Lego parts that do all the nifty moving that is most probably actuated by servo motors and Arduino controller.

Lego Astromechs Droid by Vimal Patel

This cool Star Wars robot can move swiftly, pick up objects, rotate its head and even set out a third leg when needed for balance. Although now much has been explained about the making of this Lego robot but still it is cool enough. We will get the details on the make process of this Star Wars robot as soon as there is any reveal from the man himself, in the mean-while you enjoy the video and images of Motorised Astromechs Droid.

Via: Flickr/Makezine



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