Hadoro’s plush iPhone 5s crafted from 18K gold, with 3D printing tech

Hadoro's Gold iPhone 5s

The impending glory of the bling! We have finally come across a plush iPhone 5s extravagantly bedecked with solid gold. Hadoro, the French craftsmen team behind this opulent project are already known for their expertise in dabbling with precious elements and Swarovski for decorating Apple mobile devices. This time around, they have opted for a substantial 125 g of 18K gold for ornamenting the smartphone. The figure might make more of an impression on you when we say the original iPhone 5s is only 112 g in its total weight. So, the gold usage easily crosses the threshold of the commercial product’s mass, which says something about the high level of lavishness showered by the creators. And, even beyond the bling factor, the designers utilized 3D printing to achieve a finer degree of elegance that is usually not found in ostentatious electronic objects.

Touted to finished entirely by hand, the Hadoro’s artisans have painstakingly invested over 200 hours for each of the gold iPhone 5s. According to the team, the scope of finishing entailed rigorous polishing and brushing to bring out the smaller details. And, this doesn’t count the hi-tech 3D printing process that had been used before to achieve the exquisite aspects, like the famous Apple insignia engraving.

Suffice it to say; the gold iPhone 5s will be available in limited edition with only 50 crafted pieces with color schemes of either Yellow or Red Gold 5N. As for the astronomical pricing, each tag accompanying the sumptuous phone will read €55,000 (around $75,000).

Hadoro's Gold iPhone 5s

Via: PRNewswire


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