AB GRIP 2: A neat iPhone grip with integrated shutter system


This year’s CES brought forth a few dedicated camera lenses that could be attached to your smartphone for better mobile photography. The above pictured AB GRIP 2 from Japan Trust Technology follows the same functional principle albeit with an improved usability factor. Envisaged as a gripping mechanism that holds onto your iPhone, the contrivance also consists of a shutter system that positions itself over the phone’s camera. So basically, it works like a phone mounting device, with the grip considerably reducing the shaking of the mobile device when you are gleefully taking your outdoor snaps and selfies.


Additionally, the company has heralded the AB GRIP 2’s built-in shutter system that goes beyond its digital camera replicating gimmick. According to the creators, the shutter makes it possible to photo capture a fast moving object from your phone, with the quality of the image being bolstered by the sturdy gripping action. In other words, the scope alludes to much more intuitive usage pattern, especially for the amateur photographers.


The AB GRIP 2 is currently compatible with iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, with operating system compliance going up till iOS 7.04. The phone grip also boasts of its bantam form-factor with only 44 g weight and diminutive dimensions of 42 × 73 × 30 (in mm). The commercial shipping is expected to commence by end of January, with availability in both black and white colors that could match with your iPhone.


Price is kept open. For details, check out this link (in Japanese).


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