NTT DoCoMo showcases the Hitoe nano-fiber suit for smart tracking

Hitoe nano-fiber suit

NTT DoCoMo are surely flaunting their portfolio of wearable technology. A few days ago, we talked about the Move Band, and now the Japanese mobile carrier has teamed up with materials developer Toray to contrive an innovative technological application of nano-fiber. Christened as the Hitoe (Japanese for one layer), the design entails a special cloth embedded with nano-fibers that are coated with highly conductive resins. There are additional patches on the shoulders that are equipped with sensors for measuring our biological signals. This combination of accouterments accounts for more precise and less time-consuming gauging of data in ECG style, while at the same time being less invasive than regular electrocardiogram tests.

The design aim of the nano-fiber clothing range (which interestingly also includes a hat!) was to contrive a smart apparel that could withstand rugged usage pattern. In this regard, the durability credentials of the Hitoe are exhibited by sturdy polymer components weaved into the nano-fibers. This makes it possible to wash the advanced cloth in washing machines, without the loss of any level of electrical transfer resistance. Moreover, the seamless nature of suit makes it quite comfortable to wear, with even integrated moisturizing features that prevent short circuits from sweating.

Hitoe nano-fiber suit

As for the commercial scheme of things, NTT DoCoMo is looking forth to utilize the Hitoe suit in conjunction with their health oriented trackers (like Move Band) and smartphone apps. The company has still not divulged any availability date or pricing. However it is expected, the the first batch of Hitoe will cater to patients in healthcare facilities by the end of this year.

Via: Toray


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