Dell Wyse Cloud Connect: Dongle sized PC gives portable access to cloud services

Dell Wyse Cloud Connect

Tired of carrying a laptop everywhere and wish that there could be a dongle sized computing device? One capable of turning any HDMI capable display into your make-shift PC? Then Dell Wyse Cloud Connect is the answer to your woes. Shown-off at CES 2013, the dongle like Android-based device integrates with services from Microsoft, VMWare, PocketCloud and Citrix aimed at enterprise, organizations, educational institutions or anyone who requires a pocket PC that is easy to carry around. Dell Wyse can be connected to any display with HDMI or MHL port and runs on Android Jelly Bean operating system with access to Google Play’s app collection. Wyse is an ultra-portable device that runs on a Cortex-A9 SoC processor and has 1GB RAM for multi-tasking computing power to access cloud anywhere, anytime in full-HD experience.

Dell Wyse Cloud Connect

To connect peripheral devices like keyboard or mouse the dongle has USB port and alternatively you can connect Bluetooth compatible peripherals too, so that you can have desktop virtualization and personal cloud services whenever needed. Wyse Cloud Connect is loaded with enterprise level security and manageability which is ideal for streaming cloud services at home or in a professional environment.

Dell Wyse Cloud Connect

# Dell Wyse Cloud Connect features

  • Secure access for remote workers to virtual desktops and cloud assets like content, applications, virtual desktop or IT support
  • Remote connectivity to Microsoft Windows/Apple Mac computer for getting access to data
  • Plug-and-play connectivity with any compatible device
  • Perfect for classrooms, libraries, labs or home
  • Secure access to online entertainment, gaming and content rich data on large displays
  • 802.11n dual-band Wi-Fi
  • On-board 8GB storage expandable with SD card slot to 72GB

Dell Wyse Cloud Connect

Dell is shipping Wyse Cloud Connect with the price tag of $129 and you can order it right away.

# How Dell Wyse Cloud Connect works?

Via: PCWorld



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