Gerbing’s battery-powered socks fuel Bruno Mars’s Super Bowl gig

Gerbing's battery-powered socks

Now, before you are confused about why we are talking about Bruno Mars; well, our geeky focus is not at all on the skinny singer. What rather entices us is the warm clothing (or lack thereof) he nonchalantly sported in the nigh frigid conditions of New Jersey’s Metlife Stadium for the Super Bowl XLVII. Well, according to the grapevine, the mystery behind his light clothing is apparently an inconspicuous wearable from Gerbing, a company with expertise in making heated apparels since 1976. And, they have specially contrived advanced battery-powered socks that kept Mars and others (including the Fox sports crew) warm all through the Super Bowl event.

In terms of sheer specs, the battery-powered socks can achieve temperatures of up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit, with continuous 9 hours of usage capacity. Its working scope entails a hidden pocket that has the control panel for increasing the sock’s battery temperature.

Commercially, Gerbing has two different apparel lines, with their individual heating sources. The powerful 12 volt variety can apparently get heated via its connection to motor engines from boats, aircraft and even motorcycles. The other 7 volt accouterment has integrated copper-coated thread wires that are heated by its built-in Li-ion battery.

As expected, the pricing of the heated apparels are slightly on the heftier side, with $100 tag for the aforementioned socks, along with $326 and $200 tags for puffed jackets and gloves respectively. However, the prices also come with the company’s promise to keep your warm even in Antarctic conditions.

Gerbing's battery-powered socks

For buying details, visit Gerbing’s home site.

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