Novalia Paper keyboard will be the thinnest computer peripheral

Novalia Paper Keyboard

Printed keyboard that is as thin as a paper could be a reality in the coming months as Novalia, a Cambridge based company has plans to unveil a printed keyboard that will be cost effective. The process has metal plates with circuit engraved with conductive ink that can print at 100m/minute which is cheaper than traditional electronics. In this new kind of manufacturing method, the A4 paper is embedded with a layer of conductive ink which is sandwiched in such a way that it becomes responsive just like any other touch screen. This means, it can be attached to car windscreen, side of a glass etc. for input to a tablet or PC for example.

Novalia Paper Keyboard

The paper keyboard will use Nordic Semiconductor chip that can handle decoding the user input and thereby work as any other keyboard. All this ensures in a very light and flexible keyboard or even a touchpad that is very easy to carry anywhere. It weighs 30 grams including the weight of batteries that will be used in this keyboard.

Novalia also has plans to manufacture ultra-thin and light-weight devices using the same technology in the future, but for now the Paper keyboard seems very interesting. In the video below you can see another application of this technology by Novalia, where drums drawn on paper actually function like real drums as they are hit by the user.

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