Tango PC: Customizable palm-sized computer carries a vision for the future

Tango PC pocket sized computer

So what does it mean when we say, an all-in-one PC? A PC that can do multi-tasking, provide multimedia goodness or lay a platform for high-end gaming? In real sense these are just some of the inherent functions of this revolutionary device. But a real all-in-one PC is what Tango Super PC is about. A PC that is capable of transforming into a Windows, Linux, Steam, Chrome OS PC, or Gaming console and is no bigger than your tablet in size. So, in a way you can carry your PC in your pocket making your business more streamlined and home entertainment more pleasurable. Tango PC is a functional desktop in your pocket that can take many forms depending on your needs.

Tango PC -pocket sized computer

The PC has been designed keeping in mind an inspiring technology from NASA used in space rocket development. This pocket PC saves you from the hassle of spending thousands of dollars on separate modules as it can be upgraded in a jiffy for example the RAM, HDD or GPU could be upgraded according to your requirements.

Tango PC pocket computer

Tango PC will have an AMD A6-5200 Quad Core processor (2GHz) with integrated GCN GPU HD8400, customizable RAM slots, Upgradable hard drive slots and other ports native to a powerful desktop PC/laptop. This pocket PC will run on Windows 7/8, Linux OS and even Chrome OS. The PC is divided into two separate modules which are the PC module and Dock Port module. The former is the customizable part where you can plug-in the OS system and other hardware components of your choice.

Tango PC is up on Indiegogo platform for funding and it comes as no surprise that it has amassed almost two times the funding amount with almost a month to go. If you pledge $350 for Tango PC then you’ll get Tango PC, Docking station, 32GB SSD, 4GB RAM and Windows 7 (trial version) as the package.



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