Sixense MakeVR for easy creation of 3D models by using just hand gestures


The scope of 3D printing has expanded and progressed to encompass more complex items, be it a fully working gun or an Aston Martin DB4 replica. However, as applauding audiences, we tend to overlook one crucial element behind a 3D printed project – the complex CAD that makes it possible to achieve these high levels of detailing. Ironically, it is the complexity of 3D modeling via software and their interface menus that keeps 3D printing out of reach for many interested DIYers. Fortunately, California-based Sixense team has found a solution to this predicament by creating the MakeVR. Billed as the world’s most accessible 3D modeling system, the ambit is all about an intuitive interface that makes it easier for amateurs to delve into the art of crafting three-dimensional objects.

The significant feature of the MakeVR application is its unique built that is based on a natural two-handed scope (that encompasses hand gestures). This means the practical conversion from idea to 3D modeling to ultimately printing takes much less time than a professional software.

So what exactly does the related ‘mechanism’ of the MakeVR entail? Well, the setup includes – a 3D multi-touch interface instead of the conventional duo of keyboard and mouse. One can effectively navigate through this interface via two STEM System Controllers. And when used in conjunction with Oculus Rift (yes, MakeVR is compatible with Oculus Rift!), it will allow the creator to go into a virtual environment and have an immersive ant-view of the angles, scales and facades of the 3D model.

Additionally, the system allows collaboration of five remote users on a single model. This is complemented by the improved usability factor of saving your model creation in regular 3D formats, which can then be transmitted to a 3D printer or services like Shapeways.

Finally, as for the commercial side of the affairs,  the MakeVR is currently going through its Kickstarter campaign. You can opt for various price ranges, with the basic model coming for $169 and the advanced system coming for $399.

Via: 3Ders


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