Cordless iPhone 5/5S Charging Case plugs to any electrical outlet

Cordless iPhone 5 5S Charging Case

Those who want to have an iPhone 5/5S case with a built-in charging option have come to the right portal. The Cordless iPhone 5/5S Charging Case is a tactically designed iPhone housing that not only provides protection from falls but also a plug for charging on the go. The flip out prongs on the back side of this case can be directly plugged into any electrical outlet. Although charging your phone via an electrical outlet with wires might become a thing of the past in coming years with wireless charging coming onto the scene in a big way, but still there are times when you need to charge you phone and you have forgotten your wireless charging kit or the supplied charger at home. This is where Cordless iPhone 5/5S Charging Case is very useful as you can just flip out the prongs and plug it into any electrical outlet.

The iPhone 5/5S case is made from shock-absorbent polycarbonate material and the textured sides ensure maximum grip while holding the smartphone. Moreover the case has been designed in such a way that it redirects the audio being played to front section of the phone making it more audible and clear. Cordless iPhone 5/5S Charging Case also comes with a micro USB cable in case you want to charge your phone via computer or in your car. The iPhone 5/5S case comes in black color and is priced at $70 a-piece.

Cordless iPhone 5 5S Charging Case



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