High school wizkid makes 3D printed prosthetic hand for 9-year old child

3D printed Prosthetic hand by Jason Wilde for Matthew

The best things in life are priceless and that is what a 9 year old Matthew just discovered. Suffering from a rare condition from birth called limb difference which left him without any fingers in one hand, the kid had to live with the questions that other peers asked him about his mutated hand. This was really bugging out his mother who could not even think of buying a commercial prosthetic hand that costs at least $18,000. But then they met family friend Mason Wilde, a 16 year old Louisburg High School junior from Kansas regarding the problem and the solution was to make a 3D printed prosthetic hand.

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Wilde took advise of the adorable 3rd grader to emulate the Robohand design which was made by Ivan Owen (Oregon puppet artist) and Richard Van As (South African woodworker). They shared the design on Thinkverse so that other people around the world could make their own version of the 3D prosthetic hand for under $100.

3D printed Prosthetic hand by Jason Wilde for Matthew

Wilde then finalized the designs of the prosthetic hand for Matthew and 3D printed all the thermoplastic parts for making Robohand at the Johnson County Library’s Makerspace using the 3D printer. Thereafter he assembled all the parts using dyes, hard plastic, screws, nylon strings and other materials. The magical moment came two months ago when Matthew finally put the prosthetic hand on and there he was opening it, closing it and even holding things with this hand.

Source: KansasCity
Via: 3Ders



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