Velocity Clip: The ultimate smartphone mount for recording outdoor videos

Velocity Clip

Previously we have harped about advanced camera mounts for extreme photography sessions. But what about turning your very own smartphone into a tool for capturing ‘extreme’ videos on the go? Well, that is exactly what the Velocity Clip is designed for, with its slew of effective features for safe mounting of your smartphone case. In fact, the design aim is quite ‘collective’ in nature with the product’s ability to mount smartphones and even small digital cameras (including Go Pro) to your chest, head, bike and a variety of hard surfaces. This is done via four special accessories included in the Velocity Clip kit – a Head Mount, a Chest Mount, a Bike Handlebar Mount and finally an Adhesive Mount.

The Head Mount, as the name suggests, is tailored for precision POV angles, and can be worn over a variety of apparels like hats, bike helmets and beanies. This setup is perfect for video capturing those exhilarating sessions on your snowboards and normal outdoor shoots. The Chest Mount on the other hand can be strapped over your jacket, and is fitting for taking videos during skydiving and bungee jumping.

Additionally, the mounting system for the Bike Handlebar is crafted for POV shots of biking, while allowing you to be hands-free for the actual maneuvering of the bike. And lastly, the Adhesive Mount alludes to a multi-purpose scope which allows you to record from any hard surface, like – car roofs and surf boards.

All of these mount systems are crafted from high-strength ABS plastic, thus credibly upholding the scope of both safety and durability. And, the best part is – the Velocity Clip is affordable, with $99 for the entire kit. Users can also opt for lower price brackets which equate to lower accessories per kit.

For more details, refer to Velocity Clip’s successful Kickstarter campaign.


Dattatreya Mandal

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