£16,500 DB Convertible junior classic car your little one can drive

£16,500 DB Convertible junior classic car for kids

Want you kid to be as stylish and flamboyant as you are? O if you are a kid reading this you want to have a new toy? Well, then all hail the DB Convertible junior classic cars designed by Nicholas Mee & Co. for the spoiled little brats. A fully functional Aston Martin DB5 inspired collection of petrol-powered classic sports cars for children aged 10 (and over) that is completely hand-made. The junior Bond car measuring 8feet 2 inches by 3feet 4 inches and just 2 feet 5 inches high is powered by an 110cc four-stroke petrol engine coupled to a semi-automatic 3-speed gearbox capable of reaching 45mph. The cars have composite coachwork on steel box section chassis, wood-rimmed steering wheel, hydraulic Brembo disc brakes, electric start, lights, horn, indicators and leather/vinyl seats on the inside.

£16,500 DB Convertible junior classic car for kids

And yes, it is comfortable enough to seat a 6 feet tall adult too, but I bet it would look unnatural and funny. Although these mini classic cars are not road legal and can only be driven on private property but still cool enough to own.

£16,500 DB Convertible junior classic car for kids

They come in 1000 color options that you will definitely love. The cars can be bought directly from West London Aston Martin Heritage dealer Nicholas Mee & Co for £16,500 or more depending on the model you choose.

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