Bose releases SoundLink III Bluetooth Speaker with better audio and battery life

Bose's SoundLink III

When it comes to realm of audio speakers, Bose holds its own in terms of brand name and quality. And now the exalted company has unleashed the SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III, which as the name suggests, is the third iteration of the Soundlink models. As expected, the wireless speaker boasts of better audio capability with both improved sound and volume. On the less obvious level, the SoundLink III exhibits a refined form factor, along with substantially enhanced battery life.

Similar to its predecessors, the SoundLink III is tailored mainly towards mobile device oriented usage. In this regard, the svelte characteristics of the contrivance is manifested by its 2-inches thickness and 3 pounds of weight. However, the speaker eschews the built-in cover that was showcased by the earlier models. Now the users will have to buy an additional cover for $35 (which also comes in variant colors) for better protection of the device.

Bose's SoundLink III

Of course, all of these features should be relegated to secondary importance when it comes to sound quality. And, that is where the SoundLink III shines with its four drivers and two passive radiators encompassing the wide ambit of audio and clarity in music. The company also touts improved bass and louder music (due to better digital signal processing); traits that are usually not found in mobile speakers.

Finally, coming to pricing, the SoundLink III will retail for $299.95. For buying details, you can refer to the Bose product page.

Bose's SoundLink III

Dimensions – 5-inches (h) x 10-inches (w) x 2-inches (d)

Via: CNet


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