Lego-inspired BrickS: A vibrant wireless speaker system for smartphones

Lego-inspired BrickS

Lego has been a part of our lives in a multitude of meaningful ways; be it a enthusiast’s drive for a grand DIY project, or a parent’s endeavor to gift his child something fun and ‘useful’. And, now with the ‘Lego Movie’ in top box office gear, we have come across the BrickS, a block shaped speaker mechanism that is clearly inspired by those vivacious plastic bricks. Based on a technology devised by Near Field Audio, the working scope of the contrivance is pretty unique in itself; you just have to place your smartphone over the brick without any wire, dedicated app or even Bluetooth connection. And the glorious result is – the active speaker automatically amplifies the music emanating from the phone, and that too by conveniently eschewing the paraphernalia of cords and connections.

The BrickS is available in three vibrant colors of red, yellow and blue, thus keeping its Lego fueled influence no secret. As for the usability scope, you can place your phone in two different ways: completely along its rear facade or at an horizontal angle (the device is positioned between arrays of the protruding ‘cylinders’).

Finally, coming to the audio credentials of the BrickS, the contraption comprises of two front speakers with 2W + 2W output that are powered by three AA alkaline batteries housed inside (with 10 hours of continuous playback capacity). The speaker system also has a power saving mode that is automatically triggered when music is not playing for more than a minute, along with a USB port.

Dimensions – 55 depth x 66mm height x 134mm width; Weight – 180 g.

Price – 3480 yen (around $34). For buying details, refer to this link.


Dattatreya Mandal

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  1. camjus says:

    Just saw this little speaker in action. A colleague got it as a gift from Japan. It’s crazy simple and has great sound.

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