Interview: Rohildev Nattukallingal, creator of Fin ring wearable device

Fin ring Wearable device

Wearable technology has a long way to go when it comes to taking the next big leap into the future of gadgets and gizmos. And by far what we have seen in the wearable technology market is quite impressive. Another new entrant in this demanding wearable technology sphere is Fin ring by RHL Vision, a visionary Indian tech start-up looking to transform the complexion of current gadget market. As the name itself suggests, Fin is a wearable ring that gives you the power to morph your hand into a digital touch interface which is gesture controlled to achieve any kind of action. The device acts like HotKey for certain specific function as it has built-in sensors to track movement in relation to your palm, virtually turning it into a segment of different areas for different input. For example while typing in your whole palm turns into a numeric keypad. The ring is connected to other gadgets like Smart TV, smartphone, desktop, dashboards etc. using Bluetooth connectivity and pre-programmed gestures control functions like controlling volume, sending text, dialing phone numbers, taking photos or paying games.

The possibilities are endless as Fin ring can be connected to any iOS, Android or Windows compatible device of your choice, provided app developers make applications for the same. Fin runs on a lithium ion battery that is recharged via Micro-USB port and lasts almost two months on normal usage. Once you wear it the world is in your palm and once app developers get to work on exploring the possibilities of Fin we can expect. By all probability Fin ring will be out for purchase in September 2014 at an expected price of $120.

Fin ring Wearable device

We got the opportunity to interview Rohildev Nattukallingal, founder of RHL Vision about this innovative wearable gadget that is aimed at making your digital life much easier. This is how the interview went and what Rohildev had to say about Fin ring.

DamnGeeky: Tell us something about your previous projects, what inspired you to create Fin?

Rohildev Nattukallingal: I completed my Engineering from Kathir College of Engineering , Tamil Nadu. From my final year of engineering I started the company. I developed lot of touchless gesture based applications for smartphone and web. But I found people won’t use that kind of touchless gestures because that will tire to use and they need to do some stress to interact with smart devices. Voice control will not useful if we are in crowd place. So Fin is solving a big problem in the Human Machine Interfaces. It’s very natural and no need to learn special gestures.

DamnGeeky: What difficulties did you face creating the Fin? How Fin is different from other wearable gesture-controlled gadgets?

Rohildev Nattukallingal: We are facing the major problem of getting the right people and resources. For developing Fin we need good manufactures and component providers. It’s very difficult to develop the prototype from India. But we got good contacts and resources from China and we are going to move over there for further development. While many in the tech world would agree that wearable devices are the natural next stage of computing, no one has really cracked the code. As much as we geeks love to chat about Google Glass and Pebble watches, no wearable has breached the mainstream and achieved any degree of ubiquity just yet. Fin is the only device that can help to make all gestures in the palm itself. The thumb is accessible to anywhere in the palm and we can feel where we are touching So that will make every gesture natural and stress free. Fin can also use for a universal controller. One Fin can control 3 different devices.

Fin ring wearable device

DamnGeeky: What Fin features are you most proud of, and why?

Rohildev Nattukallingal: The way Fin interacts with the user digital devices makes it very special. Fin is the only device which provides multiple device compatibility and also the natural interaction never achieved before. Our thumb can easily access all other fingers without any stress and Fin can be worn as a ring on your thumb and so the interactions that you make on your own palm with Fin enables it to do all kind of interactions that you do with your digital devices at its easiest way. Fin is the only devices which provides you stress less and natural interaction than all other wearable tech devices in the market.

DamnGeeky: If you attain the funding goal on Indiegogo, do you plan to collaborate with some manufacturer, or do you plan to mass produce Fin by yourself?

Rohildev Nattukallingal: We already got some offers from different manufacturers and distributors. And in the process of making it forward.

DamnGeeky: Do you plan to open up Fin with an API?

Rohildev Nattukallingal: We will release the API in mid of 2014.

DamnGeeky: Who do you think are Fin’s prospect buyers? What’s your take on Fin’s future?

Rohildev Nattukallingal: Our target market is smartphone users. We had a talk with blind people here. We made some demo Fin and give to them for wearing and try the gestures. They are amazed because they can feel where they are touching without looking at the hand. We have a plan to give Fin with a good discount for blind people. And we have a good market in other futuristic devices also. Like Head Mounted display, Automobile Innovations etc. Fin is the only one device that can control 3 different devices using one Fin. For switching the device we only need to do double tap on the little finger.

DamnGeeky: Do you think wearable technology will dominate the future? When not involved with the Fin, what is your favorite leisure activity?

Rohildev Nattukallingal: Wearable devices are the future. People are tired for sitting in front of a computer. Everyone loves to travel or do different jobs. So wearable devices can only travel with them. Wherever people are going the device can also be the part of their life. So the entire digital world will be with everyone’s life, everywhere.

DamnGeeky: Thanks for taking out time to reply to our questions. Your views on DamnGeeky, its design and coverage?

Rohildev Nattukallingal: It’s an Awesome platform to share the new innovations.

Fin ring Wearable device

Update: The project Fin ring has been successfully funded on Indiegogo. The tiny Bluetooth wearable device has surpassed $100,000 goal. 





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