Elmo’s QBiC MS-1 wearable camera touts Full HD video recording capacity

Elmo’s QBiC MS-1 wearable camera

Small is not only beautiful, but also advanced – Elmo’s newest compact digital camera upholds this contemporary dictum with aplomb. Branded as the QBiC MS-1, the credentials of this wearable movie camera goes beyond its small form factor. For starters, the device boasts of an ultra wide angle lens that is tailored for recording grandiose landscapes and even dark settings. This dynamic, high-contrast range is further bolstered by image enhancing aspects like camera-shake correction and distortion correction functions, along with a minimum focusing distance of just 2 cm.

We fleetingly mentioned something about the movie camera attributes of the QBiC MS-1. In this regard, the bantam wearable device features – high-speed video recording of WVGA (480p quality) at an exhilarating 240 frames per second, and Full HD (1080p quality) video recording at 60 frames per second. The shooting speeds and resolutions can be easily adjusted by the user to match their project’s purpose.

The 1,000 mAh Li-ion battery fueled QBiC MS-1 also improves upon the usability factor with the camera’s dedicated smartphone app. This allows the user to easily access and transfer the camera’s images from the familiar comfort of the smartphone screen (via WiFi). Of course, the technological aspect is complemented by the sheer ergonomics of the compact size. This makes it a perfect movie capturing accompaniment  that can be inconspicuously hidden along the folds of your apparel.

Elmo’s QBiC MS-1 wearable camera

Camera kit includes SD memory card storage, and micro HDMI and USB connections.

Dimensions – 61.2 mm depth × 40.1 mm height x 54.4 mm width; Weight – 93 g.

Price – 24,570 yen (around $240).


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