Digital Earplugs cancel out unwanted noises for complete peace of mind

King Jim Digital earplugs noise cancellation earphones

Normally when you see someone with earphones plugged-in, you expect them to be lost in their world of tunes. Everywhere we see around, most of the people wear earphones/headphones to cancel out outside noise and also enjoy music on the go. Japanese never seize to amaze us with their niche gadgets, and nor does this earphone or should I say earplugs. Kin Jim has revealed a pair of earplugs called Digital Earplugs that look just like any other earphone but the only difference is that they don’t play any music. They are just noise cancelling earplugs that keep your mind at peace in really crowded places like metro stations, airports, railway stations or crowded streets. The earplugs use a new kind of technology that is able to distinguish irksome sounds from the sound of someone calling you or phone ringtone so that you don’t miss an important phone call.

The earplugs are specially designed to keep out unwanted noise so that you can seclude yourself from the outside world whenever you want. Digital Earplugs can suppress 90% of unwanted background noise and this can be really important in really crowded spaces which can get to your head.

Digital Earplugs runs on one AAA battery which lasts up to 100 hours giving you complete peace of mind for days and days to come. The noise cancelling earphones will be released in March for a price tag of 5,229 yen (USD $51), and yes, they don’t play any music, I must add again.



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