Ethos E30: The world’s first modular boat with transforming features

Ethos E30

Owning a boat is good, but owning a ‘modular’ boat is better! That is exactly what the brand new Ethos E30 (from Milano’s Azure Embark) aptly showcases with its myriad of innovative features. Billed as the world’s first hybrid crossover boat, the core design of the marine craft is based on the modular concept of construction. In simpler terms, this allows the user to re-arrange and transform various interior components (or modules) of the boat to suit their purpose. For example – now you can modify your boat specifically for fishing. However at a later time, you can also furnish it differently for other recreational activities, like pleasure sailing.

 This convenient scope of modularity is supported by the arrangement of the internal sections of Ethos E30. The deck walls comprise of recessed compartments for storing equipment, while their short distances also incorporate water and electrical outlets for various on-board appliances and accessories.

The ambit of versatility is further found in the cabin structure of the Ethos E30. A user can transform it into a closed, semi-private space for partying or keep it open for more leisurely activities; all by just a turn of the screwdriver. Moreover, one can also opt for a slew of furniture arrangements inside the deck zone, each catering to various user-defined scenarios.

Finally, as for Ethos E30’s physical attributes, the marine craft is constructed from a special composite of stress mitigating cross members and closed cell foam. Complementing these structural aspects, is the substantially hefty power-train of a 170-hp Hyundai diesel engine (or a hybrid setup with 250-hp diesel and 13-kW motor) and a solar roof.

Price – $175,100 (for open model), $202,400 (for closed cabin model).


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