Best Bitcoin hacks you can’t miss

Bitcoin hacks

When Satoshi Nakamoto first introduced the concept of digital currency (cryptocurrency) dubbed Bitcoin, he himself would not have imagined it would become such a hit with the geek community. Since Bitcoin is such a popular service with users, it is bound to have its share of applications and gadgets that function on this digital currency. So what all can you do with Bitcoins, or perhaps develop things that function only when fed with Bitcoins? Amigos, here is a list of some of the major Bitcoin hacks that will amaze you to bits. After all it’s all about Bitcoin, and when things go digital the geek masses put their brains in overdrive to come up with some amazing hacks.

# Bitcoin Vending Machine

Bitcoin vending machine

German art student Max Albrecht has built a Bitcoin Vending Machine as a part of his project for university’s summer exhibition. The machine exchanges €1 coins into the equivalent Bitcoin value and transfers the amount to Bitcoin wallet. Max has plans to upgrade the machine to have the capability to turn Bitcoins back into physical currency.

# Bitcoin Bot

HeatSync Labs has developed Bitcoin Bot, a robot that dances for Bitcoins. [Ryan] discovered a feature of Bitcoin wallet service that makes Coinbase fetch a URL when the wallet receives a transaction and gives the information of transaction in return. This gave him the idea to update a running count of BTC balance sent to robot’s wallet using the Python script. To make this all happen an Arduino and Ethernet Shield do the balance counting job and if there is a change the luau girl dances. [Ryan] has the source code of the making of this Bitcoin Bot on Github and you can also make one yourself.

# Bitcoin Briefcase

Bitcoin Briefcase is a hack that turns your pocket change into Bitcoin just like magic. The machine is like a vending machine where you put in the pocket change in coin slot, and dispenses the QR codes that allow you to add Bitcoins to your digital wallet. Bitcoin Briefcase is made using Raspberry Pi that does all the calculation of current currency conversion.

# Bitcoin Pool Table

Bitcoin Pool Table

A pool table that can accept Bitcoins. Yes, you heard it right, pay with Bitcoins for a game of pool with buddies. Developed by Liberty Games, the pool table was hacked to have functionality that only releases the pool balls when Bitcoin payment is made. For this Raspberry Pi was used that releases the balls as soon as the payment is made.

# Bitcoin Arcade Machine

Bitcoin Arcade Machine

Liberty Games has hacked an old school arcade gaming machine with Raspberry Pi and PiFace hardware so that you can pay Bitcoins as credit for playing arcade games. This hacked multigame Cosmic II arcade machine accepts Bitcoin payments for non-stop fun. Just scan the QR code on the arcade machine with a smartphone, and pay Bitcoins for exchange of game credits to enjoy games like Mario, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders.

# Bitcoin Keurig coffee maker

Bitcoin Keurig coffee maker

The Bitcoin Keurig coffee maker brews you hot cup of coffee when you pay it in Bitcoins. HackBeanPot has developed Bitcoin Keurig Coffee Machine for hackathon and they would soon be putting up a step-by-step guide to help geeks try a hand at making their own hacked Keurigs.



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