ESAP wearable device will have the ability to track rare kinds of seizures

ESAP alert system

In the contemporary field of electronics, wearable technology is billed as the next stop for communication based systems. Unfortunately, the trend is mostly associated with the ambit of smartphone applications, and how such a conventional (albeit redundant) scope can be emulated in a wearable form. But on the brighter side, we also had the fortune of coming across a few projects that take the unique and conscientious approach to wearable tech. And, RTI International’s ESAP prototype belongs to this exclusive category. Envisaged as an alert system, the contrivance can detect epileptic seizures and notify other family members around the affected person.

In an interesting note, this is not the first wearable device that deals with the detection of human seizures. However, ESAP traverses this scope of conventionality by avoiding the measurements of the vigorous physical acts of seizures. Rather it is based on an algorithm that can gauge the respiration and heart rate patterns of the epileptic patient. This in turn follows a more intrinsic process where sensors could help in detecting less obvious cases of seizures.

The developers are still to decide on where to transmit these crucial notification details, with options like smartphones or other monitoring systems being considered. In any case, the scope of ESAP is pretty innovative by virtue of its inherent capability to detect various kinds of seizures (including rare ones). This certainly eliminates the requirement of 24×7 ‘caregiver monitoring’. More importantly, it also gives the doctors the much needed opportunity to delve deeper into the patient’s condition. Such technical advantages can certainly facilitate better and responsive treatments.

Source: RTI


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