Sensory diaper signals caretaker on first sign of poop or pee

Sensory diaper

Determining whether your baby’s diaper is wet or not could become hassle free task as research team at The University of Tokyo have developed the world’s first flexible wireless (RFID tag) organic sensor system, capable of alerting the care taker about even a small trace of wetness in the diaper. This advanced diaper is fitted with disposable sensors that monitors wetness, pressure and temperature inside the diaper. The team headed by professors Takayasu Sakurai and Takao Someya have created flexible integrated circuit, embedded on to plastic film that transmits information and receives its power wirelessly. This saves the care taker from opening and closing the diaper after visual or smell clues. You just have to come close to the indicator fitted in the diaper, and if it indicates wetness or humidity, you can change the diaper instantly.

Sensory diaper

This new diaper technology could be used in adult diapers too saving the care takers from such hassle after short intervals of time. The team is currently refining the technology and seeking out methods to incorporate it in diapers of every size, keeping in mind the comfort of wearing and also ways to reduce energy consumption. Since the diaper sensor cannot be used again and again, the next challenge would be keep the costs down as much as possible.

Sensory Diaper

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