Sony employs the ingenious tactic of selling MP3 players in bottled water

Sony's Bottled MP3 Player

A stroke of advertising ingenuity can go a long way in making a product commercially successful. And, that might just be the case with Sony’s waterproof MP3 player. The Japanese electronic giant has taken the uniquely novel approach of showcasing the ‘true’ waterproof quality of their product. As a remarkable result, the MP3 players are already immersed in a bottle of water when they are sold in their retail form!

This convention-defying marketing tactic was the borne out of the collaborative effort of Sony and Auckland-based ad agency DraftFCB. And quite interestingly, the Bottled Walkman is sold in New Zealand from vending machines that dot various public areas like gyms and pools. This makes it accessible like water pouches and soft drinks, which is rather poetic given the MP3 player’s progressive water-resistant features.

Sony's Bottled MP3 Player

However, one should be warned – consuming the water from the Bottled Walkman package is a potentially dangerous affair. Of course, as always, tech aficionados would know better than to try it out.

And, in case you are seriously enticed by this fascinating commercial endeavor, please give a gander at the YouTube video below that aptly demonstrates the application.

Price – $98

Via: MetroUK


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