CuteCircuit fashion accessories change their visual patterns via iPhone app

CuteCircuit fashion accessories

Yesterday, we talked about how the realm of electronics is making its presence felt across the fashion world, with Nokia’s interactive Smart Skirt making its debut in the London Fashion Week. And following this instinct, we go across the Atlantic to take a look at the electronic ‘inspired’ designs to be showcased at the New York Fashion Week. Fortunately, we have stumbled across the CuteCircuit, a series of fashion accessories with dynamic color and image changing patterns. These alterations in aesthetics are remarkably controlled by a dedicated iPhone app. So in essence, the visual scale of the wearables is regulated by a remote application with internet and social media connectivity.

CuteCircuit fashion accessories

According to the designers of the CuteCircuit, the core aim was always to bridge the perceived gap between technology and fashion. In other words, the element of haute couture was not sacrificed to make way for some gimmicky display of the technology. Rather the purpose of the garments’ (and other accessories like handbags and shoes) designs were to be stylish in a contemporary sense. In this regard, the CuteCircuit exhibits a more couture-like style along with seamless integration of advanced technology.

CuteCircuit fashion accessories

The end result is the garment’s energetic visual scope that keeps on showcasing lively patterns with various shimmering effects. However, the progressive fabric that achieves this dynamic level of vibrancy is comparably thin and comfortable as other conventional fabric materials. This is an innovation in its own right, with the deft ‘hiding’ of the built-in batteries and other electronic components. In fact, the invisibility of the technology even made the models think that they were just wearing some regular fashion apparel!

Source: CuteCircuit


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