Mobile phone bomb detector chip invented by Indian engineering student

Mobile Phone bomb detector

Abhilash Semwal, an engineering student from Dehradun, India has invented a new way to detect bombs. A bomb detection chip for mobile phones that is capable of detecting the common materials used in bombs used for mass carnage. The chip somehow manages to detect the molecules/radiation used in bomb material (such as Helium, Potassium Nitrate, TNT, HMV) and as soon as it detects the presence, a message is send to the nearest police station or bomb detection squad headquarters. The According to Abhilash, the reason he created this new technology was to have a safe method of identifying bombs in crowded areas. Areas where chances of hiding a bomb in random things is very high.

Apparently Abhilash is among the top 10 people who have invented mobile bomb detector technology and stands at fifth place for the bomb detector technology. The inspiration for making such a bomb detection method is the ability to track any militant bombs planted in crowded areas or smuggling of any bomb making material into major cities. For this tech feat, the Chief Minister Harish Rawat awarded him with 5 lakh Rupees to further refine the design of this chip.

Credit: UK



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