Brain Driven Hybrid Vehicle: Thought controlled car developed by Indian engineering students

Brain driven hybrid vehicle

A team of Indian engineering students who are working on a project at Mount Zion College of Engineering and Technology have developed a Brain Driven Hybrid Vehicle. As amazing as this project sounds, it is equally intuitive example of next generation automotive technology. Afsal Eravakkad and 5 other students churned their brains up to make this electric plus solar car that moves on the road just like a computer racing game car, the only difference being that it is thought controlled. So, if you want to turn left, right or accelerate; the idea would be to just give it a thought and the action would be done!

Brain driven hybrid vehicle

Quite similar to the attention powered car developed by Australia’s Royal Automobile Club (RAC) and neuroengineering company Emotiv, the car uses Emotiv EEG headset as the control unit. When you don’t want to drive this four wheeler by thought control, you can drive it in the traditional way or by using a keyboard.

Brain driven hybrid vehicle

Now, that reminds me of my non-stop racing car game frenzy on my laptop. The car is still in testing and refinement stage, meaning that in the coming months we’ll see an even better version of this car hitting the roads for demonstration. In the meanwhile have a look at this video transcript to learn how it does all the moves just by though control.

Via: NeuroGadget/MedGadget



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