Human-controlled walking robot called Landwalker

Landwalker walking robot

Japanese never seize to amaze us with their niche robots, and this human-controlled robot is no different. Just like a Gundam or the Amplified Mobility Platform shown in movie Avatar, this robot caught our eye. Developed by Sakakibara Kikai who have named this robot the Landwalker, it will be shown off at Chiba Prefecture’s Wonder Festival. And already some people have got the chance to ride this bipedal robot. Emulating a war machine ready for mass destruction, the intimidating Landwalker had its host of riders who were the lucky winners of Guru Guru Box, who hosted an event to take this 11 foot tall robot. It has a racing cockpit style seat and very easy to control by novice users too.

Landwalker alking robot

Since the robot is too bulky to move around in natural human like footstep motion, the makers decided to put wheels underneath it for the movement. It is only early days for this robot and we can expect to see some more features added into its armory.



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