Smoke Messaging Service for distant ‘visual communication’ over mobile phones

Smoke Messaging Service by Dennis de Bel

What happens when contemporary technology fails you due its shortcomings? The answer is of course resorting to ancient techniques used by our ancestors. Well, at least that is the idea behind German inventor (and hacker) Dennis de Bel’s Smoke Messaging Service or S.M.S. The protocol is envisioned as a service that eschews the need for regular messaging or photographs, and instead relies on the emanation of smoke from your mobile phone for ‘long distance’ visual communication. Now of course, many of you would be thinking – what purpose does it serve? Then just think about those times when you have lost your cellphone signals, and have no way to communicate in a conventionally ‘modern’ manner.

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The working scope of the Smoke Messaging Service entails a vaporizing system that can be connected to the rear section of your phone. Before using it, one has to inject it with lamp oil. And, on activation, this very same lamp oil is heated and thus vaporized to release tiny clouds of smoke.

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Now, History can surely back Dennis de Bel up when it comes to the question of efficiency of the technology. Smoke signalling is one of the oldest methods of long distance communication, especially when it came to crucial strategic, tactical and defensive decisions. In fact, it is documented that soldiers atop the Great Wall of China could communicate via smokes over a distance of 750 km (470 miles) in a matter of just few hours. Moreover, the present-day Smoke Messaging Service is free and presumably ‘NSA resistant’; and surely that counts for something.

Source: DennisdeBel


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