Korean researchers create the K-Glass, an HMD with higher energy efficiency

K-Glass HMD by Korean reseachers

With the brewing interest and brouhaha over Google Glass in the past few months, it comes as no surprise that there are comparable HMD technologies that are up in arms to compete against the internet giant. The K-Glass designed by the researchers at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) can certainly be counted among these band of competitors. However. the hands-free contrivance does stand out in few crucial aspects, especially when it comes to its energy efficiency scope. In fact, the wearable is touted to consume about 76 percent less power than ‘other devices’, with its effective power-train fueled by a 65nm augmented reality chip. In terms of solid figures, the K-Glass has the peak capacity of achieving 1.22 TOPS (tera-operations per second) at 250 MHz, which amounts to 778mW on a 1.2V power supply.

This ambit of improved energy efficiency is not just for some gimmicky business practice. With practicality taken into perspective, the low power consumption can actually allow the user to use the K-Glass for an entire day (as opposed to the 2 hour or so limitation showcased by Google Glass). Furthermore, the wearable has the advantage of what is known as Visual Attention Model. This augmented reality-oriented feature replicates our brain activity to filter through unwanted data, and then focus on the pertinent info (the user wants to access).

Professor Hoi-Jun Yoo, who headed the K-Glass project, has made his thoughts clear about the future of HMD technologies. According to him, Head Mounted Display might even overtake smartphones in terms of sheer market share. And, more than commercial potential, augmented reality has the ability to refine ‘user experiences’ in the major fields of education, business, entertainment and and even art.

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