Shoot 360 degree photos of 3D objects with your iPhone

If you want to shoot flawless 360 degree photo sequence of objects with your iPhone then this is the best thing you can bet money on. Kurumiru 3D 360 degree photo style platform is up on Zenmono crowd-funding platform for its future prospects. This Japanese product is one accessory that all iPhone users who are passionate about photography will appreciate, as it gives a very different and eye-pleasing profile of products/objects/toys etc. Kurumiru has an extension arm to hold the iPhone and a rotating platform to create all this magic. The accessory is perfect for creating 3D profile of products for online shopping portals or 360 degree view of your own creations.

You just have to set your iPhone in the rotating arm, then initiate the dedicated app for Kurumiru and the turn the rotating arm clockwise at the desired speed. The app will automatically take a sequence of images and binds them together in one 3D view that can be viewed, zoomed or panned in any desired direction.
The rotating arm can be set to white or black color depending on the object placed on the rotating platform. The resulting images can be then uploaded to your website or saved as gif for looping view of the objects.

Source: QuilMil



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