High school students build a ‘practical and marketable’ snow shoveling robot

Wausau High School's snow shoveling robot

School students seem to be making a serious splash in the realm of applicable technology. Yesterday, we talked about seventh grader Shubham Banerjee’s Lego-made Braille printer. And, now we have come across a team of students from Wausau High School creating their very own snow shoveling robot. Headed by the school’s Technology and engineering education teacher Theran Peterson, the project was started out on the initiative of developing a technological solution that would have its practical use in the real world. As a result, the students designed the entire contrivance from ground up. The robot is currently remotely controllable via joystick, with an assortment of ‘regular’ mechanisms, including – a transmitter and receiver, an electric motor and a plow.

The interesting stuff however relates to the future potential of the snow shoveling robot. The school-made contraption has already attracted the attention of the mighty MIT through a program called Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams. And, now the institute has made a substantial $10,000 grant for the robotic project (Wausau High School is among 15 other high schools in all of United States to receive the monetary fund).

This grant has obviously been awarded to take the project to the next level. According to the students involved, now they are considering on making the robot autonomous in nature. This means – integration of more advanced components, like GPS technology that guides the robot by itself. Of course, such specialized considerations will be incorporated so as not to conflict with the core purpose of the snow blower. And that purpose entails – the capacity to be easily manufactured in real commercial terms, with high practical and marketable values.

Via: WPR


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