Ultra secure Boeing Black Smartphone for a top-secret spy

Boeing Black Smartphone

When Boeing develops something you pretty well be rest-assured that it is going to be something amazing. Taking a detour from their usual aeronautics expertise, Boeing has come up with a smartphone that takes security to the pinnacle. Boeing Black Smartphone has been designed to give its users the highest level of security and flexibility in use so that use it across a wide array of environments. The Android powered smartphone has dual SIM capability that allows the user to switch between government and commercial networks seamlessly by integrating the mobile device management systems and virtual private networks. The smartphone is tailor-made for personnel, diplomats and spies who have to work in confidential positions in their organizations or government agencies so that no one can breach their important data.

Features that stand-out

  • Powered by Boeing PureSecure architecture designed for mobile development
  • On the backend it is built on layers of trust from embedded hardware, operating system policies and compatibility with leading mobile device management systems
  • The smartphone reboot from strict security configuration
  • Media and hardware encryption to protect device from data theft
  • Modularity with other mobile ecosystems based on mission specific requirements
  • Modular expansion ports for integrating sensors, satellite connectivity or increasing the power capacity of the phone any time there is a need
  • Portable digital media interface (PDMI) and secure digital SD cards

The numbers

Boeing Black Smartphone specifications


Since this phone is targeted towards a very niche section of buyers, therefore no price or availability date of Boeing Black Smartphone has been released yet.


  • There are no serviceable parts and any attempts to tamper the phone will destroy the phone
  • Tamper-proof covering on the head of the screws reveal any attempts of tampering and all the data on-board is deleted automatically

Things it lacks

  • No graphics memory for running intensive applications
  • No front camera

The wrap up

Boeing Black Smartphone is tailor-made for people who have security as their utmost priority as they have to carry confidential data at all times with them. The phone has by the best security features that one can ask for in both hardware and software components, ensuring paramount protection from unwanted access to data. Moreover the fact that the hardware can be beefed up any you want makes it a truly flexible smartphone to own.

Source: Boeing Via: SMH



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