World’s first human lifting RC helicopters are ultra-strong

HeliGraphix Heavy Ultra Lifter Crane RC helicopters

Mankind has taken huge leaps in aviation industry owing to the technological advancements and now courtesy a world record another milestone has been reached. Lifting a full-grown human in the air using remote controlled helicopters. HeliGraphix, a Germany-based RC helicopter enthusiasts well-known for their stunts has come up with their latest project which is all about lifting and flying around a beautiful model relying on two heavy duty RC helicopters dubbed H.U.L.C. (Heavy Ultra Lifter Crane). The guys over at HeliGraphix were so confident about their precision to lift and fly the woman that they only used rings connected to a rope and no harness was used.

Equipment used

HeliGraphix human lifting RC helicopters

H.U.L.C’s doing the lifting

The RC helis



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