Body Extender exoskeleton suit turns you into a powerful superhuman

Body Extender exoskeleton robot suit

Engineers at Perceptual Robotics Laboratory (Percro), in Pisa’s Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy have built a wearable robot that they claim is the most advanced exoskeleton in the world owing to its capabilities. Called as Body Extender, this robotic exoskeleton is capable of lifting 50kg weight in each extended hand and apply 10 times more pressure to an object when compared to a normal healthy human-being. Body Extender exoskeleton suit has 22 degrees of freedom which is actuated by individual electric motors and to top it off the robot can be easily remodeled according to the needs. The exo-suit can be used in a variety of situations like disaster relief operations or in manufacturing industries where complex components have to be installed.

The wearable robot can track movements of the body and amplify them to give the wearer that extra boost of energy by amplifying the action, just like we saw in the Iron Man movie. Body Extender exoskeleton suit has arms and legs, into which the user can slip-in and take control of the powerful mechanical power on-board. The arms and legs of the suit are suspended by ropes from a metal frame, making it a flexible exoskeleton to wear.

In the experiments Percro’s Fabio Salsedo easily slips into the exoskeleton and straps himself across the chest to operate is with utmost ease.




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