Play golf in night time with motion activated Light-up LED Golf Ball

Light up golf ball with motion activated LED light

As a golf player getting that perfect feel of the game can be priceless and at that time you wish to play day and night long. Playing in the day time is understandable but playing golf in the night time is asking a bit too much. But the Night Sports Light-up LED Golf Ball makes it possible to play golf in the night time too. As soon as you hit the ball, the LED lights up on impact and stays on for 8 minutes so that you can track the ball for the next shot in pitch dark. The ball has LED light that has 40 hours of battery life which is enough for an extended golf playing frenzy in the night time. The LED golf ball comes with patented After-glow technology for continuous visibility even from quite a long distance away and lights up in one of the four colors as soon as the club hits the ball.

Light up golf ball with motion activated LED light

Light-up Golf Ball is made from 80 compression layers keeping in mind the high performance aerodynamics, control, accuracy, feel and distance requirements of a professional golf player. This golf ball is made keeping in mind the visibility requirements in fog, rain, sleet, snow, high grass, early morning and late night conditions.

You can have Light-up Golf Ball in pack of four that includes red, blue, green and white illuminating balls at the price of $30.

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