Bateske Arduboy: Interactive business card gaming console that plays Tetris

Bateske Arduboy business card sized Arduino gaming console

An Arduino powered Tetris game embedded into a 1.6mm thick business card. As exciting as it may sound, this amazing DIY project called Bateske Arduboy by Kevin Bates is a video game player complete with the arcade game control capacitive input buttons. He calls it the interactive digital business card that has Barebones Arduino as its brain, Piezo speaker for sound output and a small little OLED screen to see the Tetris game in action. Surprisingly you can play more than 9 hours of Tetris on this business card sized gaming console. Kevin has plans to launch this project on Kickstarter in the coming weeks, with an aim to provide interested geeks with $30 per kit anywhere in the world. For ones who can invest more, Kevin has $50 and $100 kits too which are hand-crafted and custom artwork respectively.

Bateske Arduboy business card sized Arduino gaming console

Right now you can only play Tetris on this small little gaming console, but there are several games available for Arduino platform and could be easily ported to it. Kevin has tested the prototype version and it gives over 10 hours of continuous playback time with full volume, which is quite impressive.

The project looks quite intuitive and shows us the power of Arduino chip for turning anything into an interactive canvas.

Via: TechnaBob



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