Transparent Vibso headphones that transmit crystal clear audio

Transparent Vibso headphones by Renaud Defrancesco

We are so much accustomed to seeing those big headphones that it is time for some change. And that change could be nothing better than a transparent headphone that is geeky and produces quality sound for the ears. Renaud Defrancesco, a tech savvy ECAL student has designed Vibso headphones that has a membrane in acrylic glass that transmits the sound down into the wearer’s ears. The sound travels down from the electromagnet that has connecting element, and inside the ears rather that transmitting the sound outside, meaning that people nearby are not disturbed by the music even at the loudest levels of audio.

Transparent Vibso headphones by Renaud Defrancesco

Using acrylic material has two benefits, first of all it looks very cool as it gives a very nice transparent look and other being that it produces flexible sound for wearer’s pleasure. Moreover the shape of the headphones is such that it directs the sound inward without any distortion. If you want the headphones to be more comfortable, then you can drape them in padded fabric as well.

Transparent Vibso headphones by Renaud Defrancesco

Defrancesco showed the prototype version of Vibso headphones at Ecole Cantonale d’art de Lausanne’s (ECAL) Half-Time exhibition earlier this month. There is no word yet on the commercial availability of these transparent headphones but we can expect them to be available any time soon.

Transparent Vibso headphones by Renaud Defrancesco

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