Create lampshades while riding your bicycle

Rotational moulding rig that makes lampshades by Mark Colliass

23 year old UK student Mark Colliass at Nottingham Trent University’s School of Architecture has devised an ingenious way of creating lampshades as a part of the Design and the Built Environment product design course. A sustainable moulding rig that attaches to the front wheel of any bicycle and creates lampshades as one goes on cycling around the block. To make the rotational moulding rig work perfectly, Mark pours jesmonite bio resin into the lampshade mould along with the colorant of choice and as he begins to cycle, the centrifugal force makes a hollow cylinder after 40 minutes of cycling. So, in effect your regular fitness regime of an hour could also create a lampshade for your home.

The main idea for such an ingenious though is to inculcate in people’s mind the value of things. Not to throw them away after a short duration of use, since the user has created it himself/herself. Mark showcased the rotational moulding rig and some of the lampshades created from it at the Magic Light Exhibition 2014.

Bike lampshade

Via: TheGuardian

Images: Terri NG



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