Moff wearable smart toy converts anything into a playable object for unstoppable fun

Moff wearable smart toy

A Tokyo-based firm has developed a wearable wristband called Moff that turns anything into a toy. The wristband connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and emits sounds of guitar, piano, gun or any other toy when the kid makes certain specific gesture with the hand. For example, while holding any random object and making the gesture of firing bullets at people or playing virtual guitar on a broom stick. Therefore, Moff wearable smart toy gives your child innumerable toys all in one cool wristband as it converts anything into toy and saves you from buying new toys for your kid. All you have to do is download any new compatible play experience and Moff adapts to it.

Moff wearable smart toy

You don’t need to buy new toys for your kids when you have Moff around.

The idea is pretty simple, anything you hold moves with the movement of your hand and Moff picks up that movement and interprets the corresponding sounds to produce sounds. This creates an augmented reality environment which amazes the kid into thinking as if he is actually holding that toy.

Moff wearable smart toy

Currently Moff wearable smart toy is compatible with iOS devices and once it is crowd-funded we can expect it to be compatible with Android and Windows too.

Moff wea-rable smart toy

Moff wearable smart toy in action



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