Attach Blocks together to build your own customized smartwatch

Blocks modular smartwatch

If you are enticed to buy a smartwatch, there are a handful of exciting options you can choose from. But, there is one problem with all the smartwatches. None of the ones ready to ship let you have a say in how it is made or how it looks. Enter Blocks – a modular concept smartwatch, which lets you pick and choose blocks to create your own customized bracelet. Blocks, which is still in conceptual stage, allows you to customize your smartwatch with the screen and pre-configured apps. You can attach a GPS tracker, double battery, motion sensor, microphone, heart rate monitor and a clip on display and have a smartwatch with features you want ready to adorn your wrist.

Blocks modular smartwatch

Making your own customized smartwatch will be possible.

Each small interacting block has an individual function, and is readied in a variety of colors. Since, each independent block connects with the other to form a smartwatch, you can have a wristband with only the features you need on a given day or at the particular time. You can get rid of the GPS tracker in the office or attach the microphone to take dictation. To replace you handheld, the Blocks will feature up to 2 GHz processor, 8 MP camera, and a SIM card slot.

Blocks modular smartwatch

The detachable screen of the Blocks will be made in different sizes and will be available in LCD, touchscreen and E-ink display. User will be free to choose the kind of display he/she wants on their smartwatch. Interestingly, the makers are planning to open Blocks to third-party developers, so you can presume there are more apps, features and functions coming to the Blocks. There is word that Blocks will hit the market in 2015, but a crowdfunding campaign for it is expected to launch soon. Until then, check out the cool video below.

Blocks modular smartwatch

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