Hyperspectral camera detects skin cancer in under 5 seconds

cancer detecting hyperspectal camera by VTT

Researchers at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have developed a lightweight hyperspectral camera capable of detecting skin cancer, their precursors, skin tumors and actinic keratosis in a matter of few seconds. The camera covers a large field of view, approximately 12 cm at any instance of time enabling detection of larger areas of skin for any early signs of cancer. The camera reveals what is not visible to the eye and gives the user any sign of early cancer, helping in taking the course of action for prevention of the skin cancer.

A camera that detects skin cancer at the very early stages.

This hyperspectral camera is based on the Fabry-Perot interferometer, and the camera captures images in 70 narrow wavelengths as compared to regular camera which only captures 3. So in effect the spectal image generated in a three-dimensional cube consisting of numerous greyscale image layers, and each of these image is taken with a limited wavelength range. This is where the biological tissues are identified by their reflected spectra and therefore any tumor of cancer is detected with maximum accuracy.

VTT Principal Scientist Heikki Saari has filed a patent for this revolutionary camera device and when it is out for use it will make early detection of skin cancer and cure possible.

cancer detecting hyperspectal camera by VTT



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