Pole dancing robots shake their booty at CeBIT expo 2014

Pole dancing robot  by ToBit Software

This year at international CeBIT expo in Hannover, Germany life-sized robots developed by ToBit Software had something completely different to offer. Lexy and Tess, as the developers like to call them, shook their booty at the technology expo and stole the limelight as many set their imagination loose. Accompanying these two robots was a DJ robot that set up the mood for those swift moves by the very feminine robots who would rival any sexy pole dancer in the world in a duel. The robots are programmable via a smartphone app, and designer Giles Walker managed to put those extra contours just at the right places to make these robots sensual enough to attract a mass of on-lookers.

Pole dancing robots make those inviting moves at CeBIT expo 2014.

According to ToBit Software the robots will set you back $39,500 which is way too much for a booty shaking robot that can give you a pleasure of only few seconds. But if you don’t fancy an extravagant pole dancer, you can let you imagination loose with this lifeless robot dancing to your tunes.



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