Pavlok health tracker electric shocks you into effective fitness regime

Pavlok fitness tracking device

It is inherent human nature to be laid back and carefree until a situation or a physical stimulus pushes you into doing the intended. Health fitness regimes and fitness gadgets can help you as long as you are willing to follow the instructions, but if you do want to give up and skip the fitness routine nobody can stop you. On the other hand if the fitness tracking wearable gadget hurts you for not completing the goals set for a day or certain period of time, then you’ll surely take it seriously. Pavlok fitness band developed by Boston-based startup Behavioral Technologies is designed in such a way that it gives you mild electric shocks to remind your brain of the task at hand and pushes you into meeting fitness goals.
A very unique and effective concept devised by Maneesh Sethi who thinks that this wearable fitness band will prompt even the laziest of fitness craving geeks into action and completing their daily or weekly fitness regimes.

When a health tracker electrifies you for not achieving your fitness regime, you’ll make sure that your fitness regime is upbeat.

The first of its kind device, Pavlok not only tracks vital data but changes your habits for good as it measures anything in its programmable memory and if the user doesn’t comply it sends mild shock to reinforce the task at hand.

Maneesh says that our subconscious brain is motivated by negative reinforcement and that is what makes Pavlok an effective health tracking gadget.

The wearable fitness tracker is under development and will be soon out for purchase, so all you lazy geeks get ready for some hardcore fitness training regime this summer.

Pavlok fitness tracking device



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  1. Ze Entrepreneur says:

    Strange that nobody has commented on this very interesting subject yet. I find this a very interesting concept, to be honest. Creating habits is, imo, a crucial step in being successful. It’ll be interesting to see how this develops. There’s a website that offers some additional info around the device:

    I believe the concept has a LOT of potential. Just look at all the press it has already received, *way* before its launch. If they can make it to create a certain hype around the product, this could be a very successful launch.

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