GOQii fitness tracking smartband comes with personal trainer assistance

GOQii smartband

The underlying problem with fitness trackers these days is their usability which more or less becomes redundant once the user gets bored of them. You buy a fitness tracker use it for some time, probably because it looks flashy, and then put it in the drawer to become one of the many gizmos that attracted you in the beginning but failed to grip you with the core idea. The idea that you have to be fit and achieve your preset goals. GOQii is a smartband fitness tracker that is developed keeping in mind the ultimate goal of make you fit over time by giving feedback from a real coach or fitness trainer assigned for the task. Vishal Gondal, the founder and CEO of GOqii fitness tracking smartband has a vision for changing our perception towards wearable technology.

A smartband that incorporates human-interaction to motivate the wearer for achieving fitness goals.

GOQii smartband takes a detour from the crowded market of fitness tracking equipment and smartbands that come with all the fancy technology to make you fit. It does have the sensors and all the tracking hardware to keep a check of all your activities like sleeping pattern, steps walked or calories burned but what makes it different is the human element.

GOQii smartband

The fitness band itself is a data collection tool that lets you have real time conversation with the assigned coach on your progress via audio and video calls. The compatible app collects all the data required to keep a check on the progress and the user can then have conversation with their designated coach on further steps to be taken on your path to fitness.

GOQii smartband

So in a way you are not paying for the smartband but the expert advice that you’ll get from the coaches assigned for this wearable device’s services. The band comes with unique features like cash donations to charity for achieving karma points. For example if the user walks 390 steps (tribute to Mahatma Gandhi’s 390 km Salt March) a karma point is earned which is then converted into cash for donations.

GOQii smartband

Keeping in tune with the theme of this wearable device, you have to pay for the services you opt rather than the smartband. For a 12 month plan you’ll have to pay INR 9,999 ($163.80) and for 6 months subscription there is a price tag of INR 5,999 ($98.20). For now the GOQii smartband is going to be available for pre-order in India only with plans to release it in other parts of the world later on, depending on the feedback of users. For those who pre-order GOQii now, the smartband will be shipped in April 2014.

GOQii smartband



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