Fastest model rocket car breaks world record after reaching a whopping 288mph

Fastest model rocket car

A model rocket car dubbed the SST-3B-Falcon, created by 18-year-old Samvir Thandi, a student at The Heathland School, Hounslow, UK, has broken previous record for the fastest model rocket car after reaching a whooping 288mph. The whiz kid’s car, named after his initials, the initials of his three teachers and the Falcon Project, which helped him and provided him with a rocket for the car respectively, set a new record on March 14 when the fastest model car reached blistering speeds of 287.59mph. Previous world record for fastest model rocket car was achieved by Mobius (204.95mph), the car developed by students of The Heathland School itself in June last year.

Model rocket car SST-3B-Falcon by Samvir Thandi of The Heathland School, Hounslow, UK has created world record by reaching 288mph.

The Heathland School whiz kids have smashed their own world record and have be bettered it by 84mph this time. Fifty students from Heathland School traveled with six model cars to Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire, in attempt to break the record. While four of the six vehicle exploded in their endeavor, it was Samvir Thandi SST-3B-Falcon that toppled the record successfully.

Samvir Thandi, the student behind the world’s fastest model rocket car is son of Jaswant Thandi, an event and model rocket category coordinator for Bloodhound SSC, the British car team attempting to breaking the land speed record in South Africa in August 2015.

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