3D projection show at basketball game takes everyone by surprise

3D projection technology during NBA game

Cleveland Cavaliers might be having a bumpy ride this season but they are rocking the show when it comes to the use of technology. As a part of the retirement ceremony of former Cavs big man Zydrunas Ilgauskas, the team used a high-end 3D projection technology to take the audience’s breath away. The digitally re-created show was a collaboration between Quince Imaging, Think Media Studios, and the Cavs TV and Media department. Using the basketball court as the canvas to unleash the imagination, the spectacular 3D show used the court and its painted elements to translate them into pixels which was then recreated to put forth the spectacle.

Using the 4K ultra high resolution imaging technology and 20,000 lumen HD projection systems in four quadrants on the court, the 3D projection literally took everyone who loves NBA by surprise. Have a look at the show in the video below and see for yourself.



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