Robotics and tattoo in perfect harmony to produce rhythmic music

Reading my body robot that scans tattoo to produce music

Robots and tattoos might be far apart from each other in terms of their inherent definition but that doesn’t mean they can’t work in harmony to produce some really good music. Russian artist Dmitry Mozorov has used his ingenious brain bits to come up with a robotic gadget that scans tattoos and produces music from what it can interpret. The robotic device has a railing with hand holders and two black line sensors for moving the device using stepper motor and Arduino controller. The 3-dimensional Wii remote controller with OSC protocol further actuates the movement for smooth transition on the arm.

Arduino powered robotic instrument that reads tattoos on arm to produce music.

So how exactly does this robotic tattoo reading instrument make music? Well, it reads the maximum number of variable time slots between triggers on the tattoo combined with the manual control of velocity sensors movement, direction and step length for infinite number of reading pattern variations. To add to this, all the control parameters and sensors can be programmed to make the operation autonomous.

Reading my body robot that scans tattoo to produce music

Reading my body robot that scans tattoo to produce music

Source: Vtol



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