Is LG working on a mystery wearable device?

LG wearable device

Major electronics manufacturers are working around wearable technology to come up with that ultimate product. From smartwatches to augmented reality gizmos, wearable tech is taking the world by the storm and no doubting that it will be the future of gadgets in the coming years. LG is also working on a very different kind of never before seen wearable gadget that has apparently been leaked in the internet cloud. A device that looks like a stylus and wearable wristband. The images have been leaked by tipster [evaleaks] on Twitter and by what it looks, it’s anybody’s guess as to what it is.

A stylus, a wristband for tracking fitness statistics or a gesture control device? It can be probably be a mix of all these three separate wearable gadgets and even more. At this point in time, we don’t even know if this mystery wearable gadget will make it past the drawing board or prototype stage but this clearly shows that LG has wearable technology clearly slated into its agenda, as was evident from the latest release of LG G Watch.

LG wearable device

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